Medical Simulation
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Who we are

We are a dynamic Inria research team with a multidisciplinary background. Engineers and researchers work in synergy under the supervision of Dr. Cotin.

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What we do

We are working on medical simulation in real-time. Based on the SOFA framework, we develop innovative technologies to train, assist and guide clinicians.

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Where we are

If you have interest in our work, in our job offers or if you want to establish new collaborations with our team, please do not hesitate! Visit us in Strasbourg!

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Our expertise

Over the past 4 years, the MIMESIS team has developed new approaches supporting advanced simulations in the context of simulation for training. The best example of our success in this area is certainly the work done in collaboration with the HelpMeSee foundation, leading to the creation of the start-up InSimo. The team focuses on the use of real-time simulation for per-operative guidance. The underlying objectives include patient-specific biophysical modeling, dedicated numerical techniques for real-time computation, dynamic topological representations, data assimilation and image-driven simulation.

The MIMESIS team is part of the IHU Strasbourg, which is developing novel clinical technologies at the intersection of the fields of laparoscopy, interventional flexible endoscopy and interventional radiology. Our strong collaboration concentrates on transverse topics, ranging from non-rigid registration to augmented reality.

Finally, our team has established close partnerships with academic and clinical partners. One of these key partners is obviously the IHU in Strasbourg but we will also collaborate with members of ICube, NHC Strasbourg, Inria Nancy, Inria Lille, Ecole Central de Lille, University of Luxembourg, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and TIMC. The team is also strongly involved in the development of the SOFA framework.

MIMESIS - Medical Simulation

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