Medical Simulation
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About us

We are a research team, called MIMESIS with global objective to create a synergy between clinicians and scientists to develop new technologies that can redefine healthcare, with a strong emphasis on clinical translation. In our case we joined IHU institute for this purpose.

The scientific objectives of our team, MIMESIS, are related to this ambitious objective. Over the past years we have developed new approaches supporting advanced simulations in the context of simulation for training. We now propose to focus our research on the use of real-time simulation for per-operative guidance. The underlying objectives include numerical techniques for real-time computation and data-driven simulation dedicated to patient-specific modeling. This last topic is a transversal research theme and raises several open problems, ranging from non-rigid registration to augmented reality.

Research topics


The principal objective of this scientific challenge is the modeling of the biomechanics and physiology of organs under various stimuli…

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Our second objective is to improve, at the numerical level, the efficiency, robustness, and quality of the simulations…

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Image-guided simulation is a recent area of research that has the potential to bridge the gap between medical imaging and clinical routine…

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Latest News

Accepted Paper in IRBM

We are happy to announce that the paper on Intraoperative biomechanical registration of the liver: does the heterogeneity of the liver matter? was accepted in Journal on Innovation...
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Calipso news !

Check out our new video Calipso from the paper about Physics-based Image and Video Editing through CAD Model Pixels here on YouTube ! To access...
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