Augmented Ultrasound

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Fundings Inria

Objective Multimodality registration for augmented ultrasound

Duration 10.2015 — now

Project description

Ultrasound (US) imaging is ideal for hepatic surgery guidance, but it has the disadvantage of limited field of view besides poor image quality. Fusing intra-operative US with preoperative data (multi modality registration) will solve these disadvantages and would be ideal during image-guided interventions. To achieve pre and intraoperative registration the vessel features from both modalities will be used. During surgery the liver suffers considerable deformation that needs to be taken into account. These encompass the 2 main objectives of the project:

1. Intraoperative vessel extraction from US, and initial registration of preoperative model.

2. Liver deformation from biomechanical model driven from US images’ vessels.