Retinal Surgery

Project info

Fundings RESET ANR project

Objective Development of a new REtinal Surgery systEm for Training

Duration 2014 — 2017

Project description

Retina surgery is an increasingly performed procedure for the treatment of a wide spectrum of retinal pathologies. Yet, as most micro-surgical techniques, it requires long training periods before being mastered.

In order to properly answer requests from clinicians for highly realistic training on one hand, and new requirements from accreditation or recertification from surgical societies on the other hand, we are developing a high-fidelity training system for retinal surgery. The simulation system will be based on the platform SOFA, and will rely on expertise from our partners to ensure clinical and industrial relevance.

People involved

Stephane Cotin

Stéphane Cotin

Research Director

Rémi Bessard Duparc

R&D Software Engineer