Calipso video online !

TweetCheck out our new video from our paper about Calipso: Physics-based Image and Video Editing through CAD Model Pixels  that was accepted in CVPR (Computer Vision...
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BEST – Innovation Symposium

TweetThe B.E.S.T. program was created by IRCAD, to bring medical students and engineers together. This week-long course educates them on Minimally Invasive technologies and surgical procedures, regardless of...
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Mobility grant from the CNRS

TweetA “mobility support” from the CNRS GdR IG-RV was granted to Lionel Untereiner for his project “Mesh generation for real-time multiresolution animation of deformable objects”. This...
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SFO Congress 2016

TweetMIMESIS demonstrated their new prototype of retina surgery training during the annual meeting of the SFO. This is the mid-term result of our ANR project...
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Team Seminar in the Vosges!

Tweet Finally! Our 3-day seminar started this Thursday. Swimming pool, basket ball, table tennis, baby foot, hiking… And of course, a lot of interesting talks!

Visit of Simbionix

TweetOn Thursday 18th and Friday 19th, we had the visit of Simbionix CEO. We discussed about our current research projects and SOFA.