Multiresolution Volumetric Editing


Tutor: Lionel Untereiner

Co-advisor: David Cazier

Lab/Organisation: ICube – Mimesis team (Inria/Université de Strasbourg)


Place : Strasbourg, France



In computer graphics and animation, subdivision surfaces are widely used to create visually appealing 3D models [3]. When aiming for a plausible physical behavior of those models for 3D animation or games, physically-based simulation comes into play. Then, a volumetric mesh has to be generated from those models. In many cases, it takes several loops of design and simulation to adjust a 3D geometry so that it shows the intended behavior in the simulation. This work targets a tighter integration of 3D modeling and physically-based simulation in computer graphics.


The objective of this internship is to set up a multiresolution volumetric editing tool. For this purpose, the main challenge is to enable volumetric editing primitives [2] and in the multiresolution framework.


[1] Lionel Untereiner, David Cazier, Dominique Bechmann , n-Dimensional multiresolution representation of subdivision meshes with arbitrary topology, In Graphical Models, 2013

[2] Christian Altenhofen, Felix Schuwirth, André Stork, Dieter Fellner, Volumetric subdivision for consistent implicit mesh generation, In Computers & Graphics, 2017

[3] Denis Zorin, Peter Schröder, and Wim Sweldens, Interactive multiresolution mesh editing. In Proceedings of the 24th annual conference on Computer graphics and interactive techniques (SIGGRAPH ’97),  1997


Lionel Untereiner

Lionel Untereiner

Post-Doctoral Fellow
David Cazier

David Cazier

Full-time Professor