Regional Anesthesia Training System

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Funding Funded by Rasimas project (FP7)

Objective Loco-Regional Anesthesia simulator

Date 01.11.2013 — 31.10.2016

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 Regional Anesthesia Simulator and Assistant (The RASimAs project ) is a European research project focusing on increasing the effectiveness and the success of regional anaesthesia (RA) through a joint effort of scientists and clinicians.

The project’s goals are to develop two different but complementary end products :

  1. a patient-specific Regional Anaesthesia Simulator (RASim) enhanced with ultrasound guidance
  2. a Regional Anaesthesia Assistant (RAAs), which will assist the physicians during the actual procedures.

The MIMESIS team is leader of a Work Package in charge of Patient-Specific Virtual Models.

The whole operation of regional anesthesia is simulated into SOFA. The anatomy of the patient (skin, bones, muscles, nerves and vessels) is modelized based on the finite element method. A simulated needle is inserted into the limb being headed for the nerve that have to be blocked. The simulator handles an Ultra-Sound visualisation as well as electrical nerve stimulation.

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