Antoine Petit

Post-Doctoral Fellow
Antoine Petit post doctoral fellow

Antoine Petit

Post-Doctoral Fellow


From june 2017 I joined the MIMESIS group as a post-doctorat researcher, working on the 2D3D Fusion project, aiming at providing computer vision and augmented reality solutions to the operating room for image-guided surgery, through 2D/3D registration of 3D preoperative data to 2D X-ray intra-operative images.

I graduated from Supélec in 2010 as an engineer, with major in Control and Signal Processing, and from Centrale Paris with a MSc in Aerospace Engineering. I received a PhD from Université de Rennes 1 in December 2013 in Signal Processing and Telecommunication, under the supervision of Prof. Eric Marchand. My PhD research works dealt with model-based tracking and pose detection methods for Space Robotics applications. They have been carried out within the Lagadic team at IRISA/INRIA Rennes, France, and funded by the EADS Fundation.

From 2014 to 2017 I worked at the Prisma Lab at the University of Naples as a Postdoc researcher in Computer Vision on the RoDyMan project under the supervision of Professor Bruno Siciliano and Vincenzo Lippiello. My current research activities concern tracking deformable objects for robotic dynamic manipulation purposes.

My research interests mainly involve 2D/3D object tracking and detection, pose estimation, registration, point cloud processing, segmentation, and physical simulation, for robotics, augmented reality. and medical imaging applications.

Expertise and Domains of Interest

Object tracking and detection

Non-rigid registration

Physical simulation