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InSimo and Inria Mimesis team present their retinal surgery simulator prototype

Alsace Ophthalmology Days are a yearly event attended by many specialists and this year InSimo and Inria Mimesis will be present together. Several conferences and workshops give them the opportunity to meet and discuss about their last researches and innovations in several topics related to ophthalmology.

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Today, InSimo and Inria Mimesis Team are sharing a booth to present the last achievements on their interactive training simulator for retinal surgery. Both partners will demonstrate the integrated intermediate results of their collaborative researches on the RESET (REtinal Surgery systEm for Training) project.

retinal surgery simulator prototype gala

Funded by the The French National Research Agency (ANR) and in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Med. David Gaucher from Strasbourg University Hospital, this project aims to set up an efficient tool to improve the training for precise gestures needed in retinal surgery.