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Jean-Nicolas Brunet defended his PhD thesis on 4th November 2020

The PhD is titled “Exploring new numerical methods for the simulation of soft tissue deformations in surgery assistance .

It was supervised by Stéphane Cotin. Congratulations to Jean-Nicolas!


This thesis addresses the problem of soft tissue simulation for augmented reality applications in liver surgery assistance and, more specifically, the implementation of a non-rigid registration pipeline to be used by the medical staff to generate interactive deformations of a patient-specific liver three-dimensional virtual representation. A formal physics-based framework is first defined and used as the basis for the construction of a biomechanical model capable of producing realistic deformations. Four basic requirements guided the development of the model: accuracy, speed, stability and simplicity of implementation. Meshless and immersed-boundary methods are both considered as alternatives to the traditional finite element method. A formal non-rigid registration algorithm is finally documented and tested with real-life scenarios. A comparison with new and rising machine learning and neural network solutions is also provided.

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