3D modeling and animation for flexible endoscopy simulation


Our team is developing a simulation system for flexible endoscopy, as part of the EVEREST research project funded by ANR (http://www.agence-nationale-recherche.fr/ProjetIA-15-IDFN-0011). Flexible endoscopy is a minimally invasive surgical technique that remains very challenging to learn. We have developed a first version of a training simulator using advanced physics and real-time computation. A final prototype of the simulator is scheduled for delivery mid-2018.


The objective of this internship is to create scenarios for the simulator. Such scenarios consist in creating virtual objects and tasks with which the user can interact. These tasks are aimed at teaching fundamental skills (depth perception, economy of motion, accuracy, grasping, …). However, there are many ways of creating these tasks. The goal of the project is to embed these tasks into an entertaining environment, such as a game.
We are looking for a student “expert” in 3D modeling (Maya, Blender,…) and animation. Practical knowledge about Unity would be a plus since we are rendering our simulations with this library.


Work environment

Our team is a multidisciplinary research team from Inria, located on the campus of the “Hopital Civil” in Strasbourg. We are about 20 people, including software engineers, PhD students, post-doctoral fellows, and research scientists. We have a strong expertise in the development of real-time simulation for training, planning and guidance in the operating room. More information can be found here: mimesis.inria.fr




Rémi Bessard Duparc

R&D Software Engineer
photo of Stephane Cotin, team leader

Stéphane Cotin

Research Director