Development of medical devices based on simulation


In the context of the IHU Strasbourg, several engineers and researchers work on developping new devices for clinicians. Topics of the IHU are focusing on gastroenterology.

With the help of simulation, clinicians expect to improve the development of such surgical tools/devices. The simulation can assess the design of these surgical devices in silico. Clinicians are therefore very interested in such research topics.


The objectives of the internships are:

  • Understand the need of clinicans/engineers
  • Set up a benchmark simulation to assess the surgical tool
  • Validation of the simulation using prototypes of the device

This internship is located in Strasbourg, at IHU.

Required Skills

Knowledge in Optimization Methods

Knowledge in C++

Motivation !!!


photo of Stephane Cotin, team leader

Stéphane Cotin

Research Director