Interactive coupled lattices generation for real time physically-based mesh deformation


Tutor: Lionel Untereiner

Co-advisor: Stéphane Cotin

Lab/Organisation: ICube – Mimesis team (Inria/Université de Strasbourg)


Place : Strasbourg, France


Computing the behavior of deformable structures is an intensively studied problem in the fields of computer graphics and computer animation. When it comes to real time simulations coarse finite element meshes are used as an embedding domain for the fine surface to deform. These coarse meshes obviously do not embed correctly the surface’s features and thus do not lead to the intended behavior.


The objective of this internship is to set up a new meshing method that generates a hexahedral finite element mesh suitable for real time simulations. The mesh will evolve interactively following the user’s inputs thanks to an innovative mechanical coupling system. The intern will evaluate his meshing algorithm in the context of elastic solid modeling by using the SOFA framework.


[1] Binh Huy Le and Zhigang Deng, Interactive cage generation for mesh deformation. In Proceedings of the 21st ACM SIGGRAPH Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics and Games (I3D ’17), 2017



photo of Lionel Untereiner

Lionel Untereiner

Post-Doctoral Fellow