Liver Modeling

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Fundings IHU – BILIKIMO project

Objective Modeling of the liver and its internal structures

Duration 01.01.2013 — 31.12.2015


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Project description

This project aims at developing accurate, real-time, patient-specific biomechanical liver and kidney models. These deformable models will be based on an optimal choice of material constitutive laws, patient-specific surface and volumetric meshes, and advanced computational strategies. The result of this work will be integrated as a plugin in the SOFA framework and as such will be available for various projects developed at IHU-Strasbourg aiming at training, patient-specific planning, or augmented reality, in the fields of interventional radiology and laparoscopic surgery. The models will be initially developed for the porcine liver and kidney, leveraging our previous work from the PASSPORT project. Once validated against in vivo porcine data, knowledge and methodology will be adapted to match patient-specific geometrical and biomechanical data for humans.

Project Results

Constraint-based simulation for non-rigid real-time registration
Hadrien Courtecuisse, Igor Peterlik, Raffaella Trivisonne, Christian Duriez, Stephane Cotin.
Stud Health Technol Inform. 2014; 196:76-82.

Complete Real-Time Liver Model Including Glisson’s Capsule, Vascularization and Parenchyma
Igor Peterlík, Tomáš Golembiovský, Christian Duriez, Stéphane Cotin.
Stud Health Technol Inform. 2014; 196:312-8.

Automatic Alignment of Pre and Intraoperative Data Using Anatomical Landmarks for Augmented Laparoscopic Liver Surgery
Rosalie Plantefève, Nazim Haouchine, Jean-Pierre Radoux, Stephane Cotin.
ISBMS 2014:58-66.

Model-Based Identification of Anatomical Boundary Conditions in Living Tissues Igor Peterlik, Hadrien Courtecuisse, Christian Duriez, Stéphane CotinInformation Processing in Computer Assisted Interventions, Jun 2014, Fukuoka, Japan. 2014, 〈10.1007/978-3-319-07521-1_21〉

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