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Funding ANR

Objective Loco-Regional Anesthesia simulator

Date 01.11.2013 — 31.10.2016

Contact stephane.cotin@inria.fr , frederick.roy@inria.fr , remi.bessard_duparc@inria.fr

Website http://rasimas.eu

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Project Description

EVEREST research project funded by ANR (l’Agence National de la Recherche) is a project that aims at creation of Virtual Platform for Surgical Training.
In this context, Flexible endoscopy is a minimally invasive surgical technique that remains very challenging to learn. We have developed a first version of a training simulator using advanced physics and real-time computation. A final prototype of the simulator is scheduled for delivery mid-2018.

The projects consists of the following steps:

  • Development of the endoscopy simulator: Ex-vivo, in-vivo feasibility study with Xsens (operator) and Aurora tracking systems (endoscope).
  • Development of the tracking method.
  • Validation of a ‘machine learning’  and ‘dynamic time warping’ method for movements recognition during endoscopic gestures.
  • Writing of a clinical protocol «Study of both operator and endoscope movements during digestive endoscopy ».
Our team is a partner for the organization of flexible endoscopy courses by prototyping a first version of a low cost simulator of flexible endoscopy based on an hardware component (developed in collaboration with the University of Twente, the Netherlands) and a software component simulating the movement of the flexible endoscope.
We are also involved in real-time simulation of the parametric endoscope from real-life experiments, in a free work space.
Next steps will be to take into account the environment of the endoscope in order to constrain its movements and work on the material part, to measure the movements of the endoscope and control it in flexion as well as to participate in the validation of the flexible endoscopy skills measurement simulator.


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