SOFA Opensource Framework

A flexible and powerful simulation framework

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Funding ADT SOFA

Objective Simulation

Date 01.01.2006 — now





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Project Description

The team Mimesis actively works on the development of SOFA. SOFA is an open-source framework primarily targeted at real-time simulation, with an emphasis on medical simulation. It is mostly intended for the research community to help develop newer models and algorithms. SOFA is currently being developed by 4 Inria teams: Mimesis, Evasion, Defrost and Asclepios. Based on C++, the SOFA engine is built using a flexible plugin architecture. With its high level of modularity, SOFA appears to be an efficient tools for benchmarking and developing new training medical technologies.

Members of the team are also working for the creation of a consortium around SOFA. To know more about SOFA and all the applications based on this simulation framework, you can visit the SOFA official website.

All the simulation work done within the team are using the framework SOFA. Have a look at our gallery !

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