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Research Director


I am Directeur de Recherche INRIA since 2015 and member of MIMESIS since November 2019.


My research interests are multidimensional stochastic neural systems and data ssimilation in the context of clinical applications, such as general anaesthesia, mental disorders and transcranial stimulation. For more information, please see my personal research homepage .

Contact details:

email: firstname.lastname @
Postal address: Team MIMESIS, 4 rue de Marie Hamm, 67000 Strasbourg, France


Selected Publications

Axel Hutt , C Schraff, H Anlauf, L BachM BaldaufE BauernschubertA CressR FaulwetterF FundelC Köpken-WattsH ReichA Schomburg, J Schröttle, K StephanO StillerM Weissmann and R Potthast, Assimilation of SEVIRI water vapour channels with an ensemble Kalman filter on the convective scale,
Frontiers in Earth Science 8:70 (2020)

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