Guillaume Mestdagh

Ph.D. Student
photo of Sergei Nikolaev, a Ph.D. student

Guillaume Mestdagh

Ph.D. Student


I am a PhD student at INRIA MIMESIS team and I am from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. I am doing a thesis on the topic “Identification and characterisation of boundary conditions for patient specific biomechanical simulations.”

My research interests include physically-based modeling and geometry processing in biomechanics. I’ve graduated from Saint-Petersburg State University. There, in my diploma thesis, I described a creation of a multilayer mass-spring model that simulates expander extension under soft tissues, which can be useful in surgery. During my next years of research experience, I worked mainly to improve this physically-based model. I also took part in some projects from “digital signal processing” area, which dealt with recognising and exploring specific signals from raw records.

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