Hugo Talbot

Sofa Consortium Coordinator
photo of Hugo Talbot external collaborator, sofa consortium

Hugo Talbot

Sofa Consortium Coordinator
+33 (0)7 60 32 44 19


Since December 2015, I have been coordinating the SOFA consortium. Inria founded this Consortium to represents the identity of the simulation framework SOFA, to structure its community, and to make it more stable. I am also conducting my research within in the MIMESIS team. My research work focuses on the physics-based simulation in real-time. More especially, I am interesting in the simulation of cryoablation and cardiac electrophysiology.

I recently defended my PhD in medical simulation. My Ph.D. thesis was a collaboration established between two INRIA laboratories: the Asclepios team (Sophia Antipolis), and the Shacra team (Lille Nord Europe). I originally studied mechanical engineering, and double-graduated in 2010 from both Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and INSA Lyon.



Finite Element Modeling

Optimization Methods

GPU Computing

Team Building

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