Meet our team

Team Leader

photo of Stephane Cotin, team leader

Stéphane Cotin

Research Director


Ouiza Herbi

Administrative Assistant

Permanent Researchers

Michel Duprez

Chargé de Recherche
photo of Hadrien Courtecuisse

Hadrien Courtecuisse

Research Scientist

Axel Hutt

Research Director

Postdoctoral Researchers

Nava Schumann, a postdoc position

Nava Schulmann

Post-doctoral Fellow

PhD. Candidates



Rémi Bessard Duparc

R&D Software Engineer

External Collaborators

photo of David Cazier

David Cazier

photo of Erwan Kerrien

Erwan Kerrien

Research Scientist
photo of Guillaume Paran inria external collaborator

Guillaume Paran

Sofa Consortium Engineer
photo of Hugo Talbot external collaborator, sofa consortium

Hugo Talbot

Sofa Consortium Coordinator
photo of Nazim Haouchine post doc, inria alumni

Nazim Haouchine

Researcher (External collaborator)


photo of Igor Peterlik

Igor Peterlik

Research Scientist
photo of Christoph Paulus postdoctorat inria

Christoph Paulus

Post-Doctoral Fellow
photo of Rosalie Plantefeve, alumni

Rosalie Plantefève

Ph.D. Student
photo of HUU PHUOC BUI

Huu Phuoc Bui

Post-Doctoral Fellow
photo of Marc Legendre

Marc Legendre

Software Engineer
photo of Bruno Josue Marques, R&D engineer

Bruno Marques

R&D Software Engineer
photo of Frederick Roy, alumni

Frederick Roy

Senior Software Engineer
Yinoussa Adagolodjo PhD student

Yinoussa Adagolodjo

Ph.D. Student
photo of Lionel Untereiner

Lionel Untereiner

Post-Doctoral Fellow
photo of Guillaume Kazmitcheff, alumni

Guillaume Kazmitcheff

Research Engineer
photo of Vincent Majorczyk, alumni

Vincent Majorczyk

R&D Engineer
photo of Alexandre Bilger, alumni

Alexandre Bilger

Research Associate
photo of Emmanuel Janvoine, alumni

Emmanuel Jeanvoine

Research Engineer
photo of Thomas Massari, alumni

Thomas Massari

Junior Biomedical Engineer
photo of Antoine Petit, Postdoctoral fellow

Antoine Petit

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Ryadh Haferssas

Post-doctoral Fellow